Experience in Communication, radio, television, microwave and satellite systems

Radio Frequency Transmission Engineering is not anew to MCML. It all started in July 1944 when MCML was part and parcel of the Mauritius Broadcasting Service (MBS) with Amplitude Modulation/ Medium Wave/Short Wave Radio Engineering as its core activities. In fact, MCML was the Transmission Department of MBS from 1944 to 2002. It was also responsible for the maintenance and repairs of all meteorological, harbour communication equipment. The Transmission department was also repairing radar systems on ships accosting Port Louis harbour.

So basically, the company has had a rich historical past of around sixty years dealing with communication and electronics hardware installation and repairs on the territory of Mauritius.

In 1964, Analogue Television Engineering was added as another core activity of the Transmission department followed by Microwave systems and later in 1989 FM radio system.

With the creation of the IBA in 2000, it was spelt out in clauses 18 and 28 of the IBA Act 2000 that there will be a Mauritius Transmission company to function as a “Common Carrier” to provide terrestrial radio and television broadcasting. So MBC transmission department was separated from MBC to be known as Multi Carrier Mauritius ltd (MCML). It was operational in January 2002 to deal with both Public and Private terrestrial broadcasting.

Private FM radios were introduced in 2002 and digital terrestrial television in 2003.MCML developed benchmark best practices to ease the migration to Digital television and these practices were and are still used as references by many African countries, Mauritius being the pioneer of Digital Terrestrial Television in the African Continent.

The fact that MCML embarked on DVB technology, DVB-T/MPEG-2 technology in 2003 it has had no alternative than to maintain this system.

MCML is looking forward in adopting DVBT-2 to transit to HDTV.

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